Loving them Mountains

5 November, 2019

lady running up a rural mountain path
I have found my own local Mariepskop - a few times up and down here and I’m ready for Kruger2Canyon next year.
runner on a graasy peak in the lower Southern Drakensberg
So stoked to be on top of the world - this mountain thing is getting easier.

What a weekend! Fabulous company, a World Cup win, an awesome trail, delicious spit braai and a 45km cycle on our beautiful country roads - definitely my kind of weekend.

The drought was droughting, the wind was pumping, the sun was cooking, but nothing could detract from the privilege of running in the stunning foothills of the Southern ‘Berg.

And it’s always better to run trail in a group - lots of laughs, even after getting lost. Though I must say that if my trekking pole with its sharp pointy bit had been handy I would have stabbed the Old Goat with it. What makes men think they are good at directions? Or always right?

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