Loving Liver

5 October, 2014



I read recently that when lions make a kill, the first meat they eat is the internal organs of the unfortunate prey.   These lions know what they’re doing.   Their instinct tells them that that particular meat is the most nutrient dense.   And look at them – handsome, strong and kings and queens of the jungle.

Then in steps Prof Tim Noakes.   Eat offal and the cheaper cuts of meat, he says, as they are more nutrient dense than the other more expensive cuts.  And I firmly believe that Prof Noakes knows what he’s talking about.  I’ve been following his LCHF way of eating for 9 months now and my energy levels and general health have never been better.

I decided to start with beef liver.    Mmmmm –  I’ve never even touched a piece of liver, let alone chopped one up and cooked it.   I manned up, chopped the beast,  cooked it and the results were superb.   Here’s my recipe:

You will need:

beef liver

beef mince – about 250g

half a pack of bacon, chopped

2 onions, chopped

coconut oil and butter for frying

garlic, preferably freshly chopped – several cloves

salt & black pepper

red wine


You will do:

In an electric frying pan heat a good few blobs of coconut oil and butter.   Be generous, these fats are good for you.  Add the chopped onions and saute for a few minutes.   Add the chopped bacon and garlic.   While this mix is frying away merrily (keep the heat low to medium), chop the liver and extract the tough white bits.  Give these tough bits to the dog(s).   Add the chopped liver to the pan, followed by the mince.   Break the mince up nicely, add salt and black pepper, and fry for about 15 minutes with the pan lid on and stirring quite often.   When the meat & onion mix looks nicely cooked, add half a glass of red wine, preferable dry-ish.   Do not forget to pour yourself a glass or two – full of fabulous anti-oxidants.

Let everything simmer away for about 10 more minutes.   At this stage you can turn off the pan.   When you are ready to eat, heat up with a dollop or two of thick cream.  I served this with fresh broccoli, lightly steamed.  Deeelish!

Now I need to work out how to tackle kidneys.

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