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Let It Snow!

22 July, 2016

August 2012
Evening snow July 2011

Weather men are a bunch of swine (swines? not sure of the plural here!) They toy with us. At the beginning of this week they were predicting heavy snow for Sunday and Monday – HEAVY!! I was picturing log fires and days off work, Old Brown Sherry and many other wonderful things. And guess what? My photography theme for the week is “Snow Play” – couldn’t be more perfectly timed.

Now the swine are back-tracking – maybe some sleet, if we lucky – three flakes at approximately 2am on Monday morning. Dammit!  So now I need to improvise with pics from years past just in case I miss those three flakes.

So here is “Snow Play” from 2007:

Sherman moving faster than normal….

And here is “Snow Play” from 2011:

Kayla exploring the enchanted forest….

From 2012:

Beautiful snowscape….

And last but not least here is Livingstone demonstrating “Snow NON-play”:

You want me to do what in this white stuff? Madness!

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