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How Many Days?

2 December, 2016

Only 183 days to go….and once January 1st rolls around the time will fly.

I’m doing the training, religiously following Coach Mo under the eagle eye of Ysterbok. Said Ysterbok will not allow me to cheat on his watch. His favourite saying is “What hill?” as I’m puffing and panting my way up an obscene incline. If he is found comatose in a ditch on a country road, having been beaten by a rock over the head, I know nothing about it. #justsaying.

This weekend we’re going hardcore – a trail race on Saturday and a road race on Sunday, 7km and 15km. I think it’s been six weeks since we last went to a race so I’m excited. We need to make the most of the outing because one of our new strategies this year is not to travel to too many races but to do LOADS of long slow distance here on our country roads.

Less travel means more recovery time – important in the greater scheme of things.

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