Here we go again!

26 February, 2016

Purple is the new red when it comes to fast. These feet need to at least look fast as I prepare for battle once again with the Beast on Sunday at the Maritzburg City Marathon.

Preparations consist mostly of putting my feet up and indulging in Maranoia, that practice of imagining that everything, just EVERYTHING, is wrong with your body. Ailments can range from a scratchy throat that is most obviously the start of pneumonia to a niggly hamstring which is likely to snap in the next 24 hours. Legs start to feel like lead and one starts googling good psychiatrists.

Of course once the gun is fired (or the cannon in this case) all symptoms are forgotten. I do my level best to burst a gasket or two and Voila! Another marathon bites the dust. Then of course it’s like childbirth. I moan and groan about the pain for a day or two, and then the following week I’m signing up for the next battle! VIVA the marathon!




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