Hello Karma!

28 October, 2015



Karma bit me fair and square on the arse for referring to my Old Goat as Frankenstein! In the early hours of Monday morning I went from hero to zero in the space of a few hours. My throat was so sore I couldn’t swallow and the rest of my body was following its example. I thought I’d take a Grandpa powder and then run anyway. Do I ever learn? The next 48 hours is a bit of a blur I felt so ill. I even instructed the OG what to do should I shuffle off my mortal coil!

The antibiotics I was given are working their magic though and I definitely haven’t written off the marathon on the 7th November. The doctor has told me to watch my resting heart rate – when that is back to normal I may run again.

Frankenst..oops I mean the OG is back on the road for his first run this morning since his dramatic fall so I reckon we’ll both be good to go for the marathon.

I’ve been doing the Real Meal Revolution’s beginner Banting course (I’m in my fourth week) and I have learnt a huge amount. This week we are learning about the effects of Banting on endurance training and the news is good. In a nutshell, once we become fat-adapted, anything is possible. My main aim with this course is not really weight loss (though I have dropped two kgs and five centimetres on my waist) but to live the healthiest life possible for at least another 30 years and to be the best runner I can be. I may even get myself a Comrades medal or two!

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