Happiness is….

10 May, 2016

I just have to share this pic. Mainly because we both look so happy – and it’s towards the end of a marathon! I like to think the happiness is from pure enjoyment and not because the end is near! Or maybe my coach and fellow runner has just told me “Sure you can snort another Grandpa powder at the next water table”.

I’m going to miss my marathons over the next six months. There is something about completing that distance that satisfies my soul. But I need to get faster over the shorter distances and there will be (or should be) no more marathons until next year. In 2017 I will sneak up on that sub-5 Beast and slaughter him!

I did my first Shaun T Insanity session this morning – oh my word!! It was INSANELY AWESOME! If that doesn’t increase my lung capacity, nothing will!

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