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Baviaanskloof 60km Hike 2020

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The Old Goat and I hike the gorgeous 60 kilometer Leopard's Trail at Baviaanskloof

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Satara & Pretoriuskop, Kruger Park 2020

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We spend a week in the incredible Kruger Park, and it did not disappoint. From hyenas to death birds, with a dash of Old Goat for measure.

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Squares, Towers and Macabre Menageries

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From the dark history of the Tower of London, to the bright bustle of Camden Town, we finish off our visit to London in style.

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We spend some time on home ground, Ravensfield, where my daughter lives. Coincidentally, a life-long friend lives just down the drag in Sheffield.

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Riding the tube

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The mission was to find Michael's old pub, but the challenge was to figure out how to use the tube. Once we managed that, we were off to the races.

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Not in Knightsbridge Anymore

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The Rolling Stones may not be in Knightsbridge anymore, and neither am I. But I was, and it was just great. Here are the pics.

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Did you ever wonder where a Bakewell tart comes from? Well, now you know. But there is more to be found in this scenic spot in England's Peak District.

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Wentworth Woodhouse

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There are houses and there are Houses. Wentworth Woodhouse is one of the latter. Ongoing renovations and a poorly timed film crew stopped me from getting good shots of the house and interior, but I did manage to snap a glimpse of the stately gardens.

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Derwent History

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We visit Derwent Dam in England's beautiful Peak District and get educated in some fascinating history

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Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

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We take a trip back in time to see how the steel workers of the 18th century went about their day, and even see a monument dating back to the 13th century.

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Chilling in Taipei

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Taipei, home of our younger son – what’s not to love.

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Taichung is the home of our older son and our daughter-in-law, and their apartment is always a welcome stop on our travels. Time to indulge in some home-cooking and catch up on our laundry!

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Island Life

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It’s just a short hop from Kaohsiung to one of the islands – perfect for cooling off with a tropical- looking drink or chilling with the sea turtles.

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Exploring JiJi

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Jiji is a small town in Nantou County at the foot of the mountains and fairly close to Yushan National Park, home of Taiwan’s tallest peak.

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Yushan National Park Area

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Yushan National Park is an incredibly scenic park in Taiwan and home to their highest peak, Mount Jade. “Yu” is the Chinese for Jade and “shan” means “mountain.

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Kaohsuing City

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A swirl of night lights, an ancient antique shop, and a red wolf with a questionable appendage

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