Photograph Your Year

Foggy Mornings

12 June, 2016

This is last weeks photography theme – yes I’m behind again. Try and create a mood using the fog or mist in the early morning, they said. Well our season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is over – it’s now the middle of winter, a state I’m not fond of. What to do? The next best thing is to create a moody picture with clouds I reckon so here we go.

This picture was taken early yesterday morning. It immediately conjured up a roaring-fire-and-red-wine mood. In my imagination I’m 6 foot tall with long blonde hair, wearing an expensive mohair polo neck (you need to be tall for those things), jodhpurs and riding boots. I’m lounging in a sultry pose next to said fire. My horse (stallion, thoroughbred) is parked outside rearing it’s handsome head and snorting.


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