Festive Training

30 December, 2015

There was no peace for the wicked this festive season. What started out as a gentle stroll to combat the effects of a mince pie or two, ended up as a two hour hike. This was followed the next day by a two and a half hour run. I took the opportunity to indulge myself with my camera though. Not my best pics ever, but the hikers (both two-legged and four-legged) were not very patient. Just as well, it may have turned out as a four hour hike.

We had plenty of hill work….

With watering points for the four-legged hikers…


Cross-training in the dam for some…..

Followed by mud packs for the fur….

There was the occasional lift for those whose legs are on the short side……

And lots of rock-climbing for the glutes….

We had fabulous viewpoints for catching our breath…











And, despite the drought and fires, lots of brave little flowers along the way…..


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