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Dear Coach #7

1 September, 2019

This time three weeks I will be alternately licking my wounds and eating like a piranha on steroids. Always fun.

a hand drawn piranha. Not quite da vinci level of art According to my personal web designer I can’t just steal random cartoon drawings from anywhere so I have graced this post with my own rendition of a piranha.

But back to the Great Trek. I have started obsessing about the weather - three weeks out is not too soon right? Two days ago it showed continuous rain for the 21st September - day and night. I had just resigned myself to that and planned numerous drop bags for the day when they changed their minds. Now it looks pretty okay - too good to be true actually. I’m picturing myself frolicking through the Karkloof, butterflies and flowers everywhere.

I’ve had a pretty good week of training - even Strava, that demanding bitch, says I’m in the zone.

And today, with Ride The Karoo in mind, the Old Goat and I did our longest cycle yet - 47,5 km. Not bad, considering we still have more than five months until that event!

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