Dear Coach

14 June, 2018

Dear Coach,

Today I turn 60 years old. Today I also wore my fancy compression pants inside out for my run. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I do know that too much sugar and refined carbs give a person brain fog so I will avoid them like the plague. The latest research is showing that Alzheimers and dementia is linked to our Western way of stuffing ourselves with refined carbs – something we need to remember when cakes, puddings, biscuits etc beckon.

Anyway Coach, I digress. Here is my report for this last week.

I’m very proud of pushing both my treadmill workouts into the red (14 points on Tuesday and 10 points today – thank you Strava). I was a bit of a woes this morning and broke my 5 minute marathon pace intervals down into more manageable chunks – 2 minutes fast, 30 seconds slow x 2, four times – but I promise to push harder next week.

My long slow run this last week was 12km and I did it on Friday on tired legs. I battled. I did discover something though – I think the cause of my sore lower back is bad posture. When I’m tired I lean forward from my hips – as soon as I straighten up the back feels better – something to practise on my 2 x 12km this coming weekend. I will hit the hilly trails. I will be brave and I won’t cheat!


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