Dear Coach

15 September, 2018

Dear Coach,

Just one of many beautiful spots that awaits the runners at Karkloof next week.

The next time we speak I’ll be giving my race report. No not race report, let’s call it an adventure report. I have absolutely no intention of racing a 50-miler. My intention is to enjoy the surroundings of what I am sure will be an awesome course, to enjoy the company, to conquer the 80 kays and to come out alive the other side. If the Old Goat and I are still married when we finish this thing, and if we finish it in good time, we will turn our attention to the big one next year – the 100-miler!

But let me not get ahead of myself – it’s easy to dream when you are sitting comfortably on the veranda, running done for the day. Garmin Connect says I am peaking, Strava says I am fresh, so I need to reign myself in (physically and mentally) and just avoid coughing and spluttering people until next Saturday.

One of my intrepid daughters at the training camp on the KK100 course.

And now to check the checklist:

All ready and waiting even though my thermal is like a sausage skin that rides up into a crop top. I purchased the real-deal waterproof jacket at great expense to ensure that we actually have no rain – you’re welcome everyone! I do notice though that they have not added a small flask of red wine which I am sure would be an absolute lifesaver if I find myself wrapped in my space blanket at any stage. I wonder if can arrange some sort of flask contraption around the Old Goat’s neck in the manner of a St Bernard?



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