Dear Coach #1: Karkloof 50-miler 2019

22 July, 2019

screenshot of strava app stating exercise session was historic
Why thank you Strava - I did feel it was pretty historic myself!

Only nine weeks to go Coach - less if you exclude our taper week! How did this beast creep up on me unannounced?

My last long run was a 20km on trail on 19th May so little wonder that today’s 27,2 felt a trifle tough - sorry Coach, I know it was meant to be 28km but I did not have it in me to circle the St Mary’s parking lot 20 times to make up the distance. What’s 800 metres between friends?

I am definitely doing less running than last year but I did not cycle as part of my training last year either. I’m hoping the cycling makes me stronger and fitter with less pounding.

Yesterday’s cycle was a case of vasbyt - below 5 degrees and the wind was doing it’s usual pumping trick. I lost contact with my fingers and toes - my fingers were so sore that I was convinced that when I took my gloves off there would be little bits of frozen finger left behind.

Obviously the Old Goat - who wasn’t even wearing a jacket - said I was being melodramatic and that of course fingers can’t just fall off - sometimes I hate him. Anyway, I completed 20 km on the bike under hideous conditions - I hope you’re proud, Coach.

bedraggled looking author with wild hair
I feel the hairstyle says it all.

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