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Broth 101

26 October, 2017

Sometimes life is just too short to be hunting for celery, carrots, the egg of a virgin quail etc etc. So I have simplified my broth recipe to beyond simple – just make sure you always have fresh garlic and onions in your house!

STEP ONE – roast and eat one happily-raised farm chicken (I know of two local suppliers btw), and store carcass and any bones in the freezer.

STEP TWO – repeat step one when convenient.

STEP THREE – Place the two carcasses in your slow cooker, along with two onions and several cloves of garlic. You don’t even peel the garlic and onions – just chop in half and throw in the pot. Everything will be drained off in the end.

STEP FOUR – throw in a small handful of course salt and cover the carcasses with water – about 3 litres should do the trick. Put slow cook on low and leave for 16 to 24 hours.

STEP FIVE – drain off the bits and pieces and VOILA there is your broth. You can keep it in the fridge for a week or you can freeze.

Bone broth is a superfood – anything that can carry someone 89 km at Comrades is a superfood, but this superfood is for EVERYONE. It is anti-inflammatory, wonderful for the joints, it replaces important electrolytes, it heals your gut – there is no one that will not benefit from drinking it every day.

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