Bouncing, flouncing….

2 March, 2018

I went to see a very good physio the other day, one that also happens to be a very good runner, and I asked her what I could do to strengthen my running. Plyometrics, she said. Plyo-what? Plyometrics is basically explosive movement – preferably not of the bowels! Jumping and bounding. So now I am jumping, bounding and hopping around and every time I do a session I get the giggles – it makes me think of Loca the pug – “bouncing, flouncing, falling all around the show” and of course she “cannot fecking run”. You have to watch this adorable pug!

It’s taken me a long time to realise how aging affects our strength, our flexibility and our ability to bounce and flounce. You have to work harder and harder at it as time goes by. I’m starting to appreciate time in the gym with our dear Sergeant Major and I am no longer thinking of cunning ways to cheat. In fact, I am adding my own sessions into the week as well. I think that this non-running muscle pain may become as addictive as running – who would have thought?

Of course, a person has to eat right to build muscle – protein is key, so here are my two new best friends:

Obviously said protein foods should me mixed with a good dollop of farm cream and double cream yoghurt, a bit of xylitol and a handful of sunflower seeds. Heaven in a bowl.



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