Bike Club

26 April, 2015


9km including 5 x 1km repeats, at lung-burning speed, done and dusted on the t-mill this morning.   Finished in time to watch the gathering of the old ballies Bike Club (along with two youngsters just to keep things real).

The OG is being put through his paces by two other more experienced (read insane) ballies in order to up his game in time for the Roof qualifier on 23rd May.

The qualifier is in Lesotho and I’m going along too – hopefully I can hone my skills at action photography.   That’s while I’m not languishing around the pool at the Maseru Sun or sipping red wine in front of a fabulous log fire.   It all depends on the weather but I’m ready for anything!

The enduro race is on the Saturday, so on the Sunday I’ll let the OG recover while I do my weekend long run around Maseru – best way to check out a new place.


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