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Barns & Outbuildings

1 June, 2016

Barns and outbuildings was the photography theme for last week but I was so racked with Comrades Fever I couldn’t think straight, let alone get the camera out.  Comrades and it’s accompanying fever will be for another blogpost but suffice to say I was like Tigger on speed – and I wasn’t even running!

Without further ado here is my contribution for this theme. The subject is an outdoor bathroom and accompanying “donkey boiler” right next to our old farmhouse. Imagine life back then. If you needed a bath it entailed finding and chopping wood, stoking up the boiler and waiting for hot water. I suppose after all the chopping and stoking one would rush out in subzero temperatures, bath oneself and then rush back inside again. The generations before us were really tough!





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