Banting Tip Of The Week

29 June, 2016

Granola, Banting-style, is an excellent change for those that are bored by eggs every morning and Phat Girls have a very reasonably priced version – check it out!

The only problem with granola is that many Banters (myself included) limit dairy to cheese, cream and butter. Too much milk and yoghurt can foil one’s Banting efforts, but granola goes with yogurt – what to do?

I have the solution and it is delicious. Pop your granola in a bowl, adding extra nuts if you like, and pour a dash of cream over it. Put about two teaspoons of butter on top and microwave for a few seconds to start the butter melting. Take out and mix the butter and cream through the granola, adding half a teaspoon of Xylitol if you really need to. Enjoy!

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