And we’re back!

29 December, 2014

A lane in Taipei



Well our Taiwanese trip has come and gone and Christmas has come and gone and, although I’ve written 1000 blog posts in my head, I have neglected to put them down on this virtual paper!   And the longer I leave something, the worse it gets.  Work has been WILD, all that catching up, and I also have just over 500 photographs to edit and organise!

Taiwan was fabulous.   As a Westerner, I’ve always been nervous about going to the East, different language, different culture, different everything.   Weird-looking food, squat toilets, lack of communication……  And surely I would fade away if I had to eat everything with chop sticks?   Well, no!  It certainly helps having family that have been there for a while to ease you into things, but the Taiwanese are very polite people and, for want of a better word, gentle.   They are extremely orderly and everything works – from the huge flow of taxis, scooters and bicycles, to the crowds on the elevators in the Metro Rail system.   No-one loses their cool.   The streets are safe, night and day.   And NO LITTER!

Taipei and Taichung are fabulously exciting.   You can be on an enormous multi-laned street one minute,  looking up at huge modern skyscrapers, then turn the corner and find yourself in a tiny twisting lane the next – and colour everywhere, a street photographers dream.

Buildings in Taipei


And should you tire of the city excitement, there are many beautiful places within striking distance.   We cycled along a river, had a boat ride on Sun Moon lake, explored Taroko Gorge and saw beautiful temples in the swirling mists on Alishan Mountain.

Sun Moon Lake



Seen from the boat on Sun Moon Lake
Temple on Alishan Mountian



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