An Illegal Tortoise?

23 October, 2014

It has been pointed out to me that the tortoise of yesterday’s post is probably illegal.   He has a watermark on his shell.  I just thought that he had a cool shell:

And I like his face.  He clearly has a sense of humour.   And, of course, being a tortoise, he is incredibly wise, and will eventually win the race!

I have since scoured the internet for a legal tortoise.   Legal tortoises are very thin on the ground.   My son has offered me a picture he took of two tortoises mating in the Tapei zoo (what exhibitionists!) but I suspect that tortoise pornography is beyond the scope of this blog.

Anyway, if the owner of this tortoise should spot him on my blog, I will gladly  surrender him (or pay royalties).   But until then Tortoise, let’s rock on together!

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