A walk with a camera is always a good idea….

13 June, 2015

If you take running away from a seasoned runner, the consequences can be dangerous.   They often teeter on the edge of insanity.   Such has been my life for the last two and a half weeks.


It started with a cold, then came bronchitis.   Being asthmatic I had to get to the doctor asap for antibiotics and other potions.   Once my chest had cleared I think I caught yet another cold virus.   Often I will run anyway – a gentle run often makes a cold feel better.

It certainly makes your mind feel better.    This time though the doctor struck the fear of God into me with talk of heart damage and untimely death.  Seeing as though I intend to still be running well into my eighties I thought I’d better listen to her.

All these different viruses really piss me off.  Some are fairly harmless while some can kill you.   What is a runner meant to do?   I think a virus should by law have to introduce itself properly.   It would go something like this:

“Hi, I’m the scratchy-throat-runny-nose virus.   I have absolutely no interest in your heart whatsoever.  I’m here simply to entertain myself by irritating you.”   Or:

“Hi, I’m the flu virus.   I may damage your heart a teeny bit just for funsies, but I won’t be here for too long.”   Or:

“Hi, I’m the Swine Flu Virus.   I am the King of Viruses and I will kill you.”

Us runners would then know exactly where we stand.   No unnecessary moping around.

The result of all this unnecessary moping around is that I feel totally bleh and wonder whether I’ll ever be able to cover 10km at a decent pace again, let alone 42km.

I have a recipe for blehness though:  Grab a camera and take the dogs for a walk.   Then go to a salon, have a haircut and change your colour!   My hair is now a little redder than Duke’s and just as glossy!

And they do say red is fast…..


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