A Sub-Par Old Goat

30 July, 2015


My Old Goat with the 3-litre diesel engine is having trouble with his chassis.  He pulled a hamstring during our speed work yesterday and now there is talk of that ghastly 4-letter word that runners hate to mention – REST.   Hence him reading in bed while I’m on the treadmill.

The dogs obviously think it is a most fabulous idea.   I, on the other hand, am shattered.   I thought my OG was invincible, something like Chuck Norris.   The type of person that will finish a race on a broken ankle and tell you he’s fine.  He loves to knock off a 21km in the morning and then take the dogs for a walk up the mountain in the afternoon.   And now I find he has weak spots – oh the shock of it!   He needs to get that hammie right soon though.   I’ve been spoilt with my live-in running partner – I can’t go back to running solo.


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