A Race to Remember

8 April, 2020

running a long happily with my daughter

It’s not often I get to finish a race with one of my speedy daughters so my half marathon at Om Die Dam in Hartebeespoort, our last race before races ground to a halt recently, was a very special race for me.

Said daughter was 29 weeks pregnant at the time, causing a bit of konsternasie in her club - should she be running, won’t it harm the baby etc etc, so along I went, supposedly to look after her.

We started really slow - shjoe, I thought, this should be easy. Little did I know that baby was just taking a few kays to settle into racing position and that once he or she was feeling fairly aerodynamic we would take off like a pregnant bat out of hell.

When we reached 16km I was quite sure that I had a clot travelling up my leg, intent on settling in my heart. “Nonsense!” I was told, “You won’t die today!” Okaaaay….But she did graciously slow down a little so that I could keep up without my eyeballs popping out.

All in all, a great day out.

crosing the Hartebeespoort Dam wall
Unless you have a picture of yourself running over that iconic dam wall, you never really did the race.

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