A Quick Hike

21 February, 2015

We took a quick hike this morning with our seven dogs to limber up for the race tomorrow!


I took my Canon with it’s 50mm f1.8 lens.  I love this lens.   It’s light, fairly fast and so, so versatile.   It’s a prime lens (ie no zooming) so it also makes getting the shot more challenging.  I am an amateur photographer so I am by no means dispensing advice here, but here’s my 2c worth anyway.   If you are just staring out on your photography journey and you have an entry level Canon DLSR (like me), then there are two things you must do.   First take a short course (so many online) in how to shoot in manual.   Once you know this, you will feel you know your camera so much better.   Then go right out and buy the 50mm f1.8 lens.   You will have so much fun with it, you’ll take great shots and it won’t even dent your wallet the way most lenses do.

Back to the hike.   The Hill Commander is all packed and ready to go up to Pietermaritzburg to collect our race packs so this is basically just a quick sharing of moments this morning.

A nice shot of the Hill Commander, looking relaxed.

Oscar, the real boss – and Commander-in-Chief of ALL surrounding hills.

Interested spectators.

Thirsty work.













And, finally, ALWAYS take time to small the flowers.

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