A Happy New Running Year

16 January, 2019

It started with wanting to put a border around my picture. Fifteen cups of coffee and eight windows open on my MacBook later I was migrating my blog from to It appears that I have ended up with my own web site instead of just one plugin to border my pics, but so be it. 

This is the pic that started it all 

I wanted to use it for my Happy New Year greeting from the Old Goat’s Al Fresco Gym.  And you can see that it needs a nice border.

Anyway, New Year has come and gone, resolutions have been made and broken and life marches on. I do have goals for this year though. Two biggies on the trail calendar – 92km over three days at Three Cranes in February and 80km over less than a day (hopefully) at the Karkloof 50-miler in September.

Other than that I want to try and stay focused on what should be everyone’s goal – running happy and healthy, no matter the race, the pace or the medal at the end. We need to remember why we love running.

I love running because…..let’s see, so many reasons.

Sinking onto the couch with coffee and a book after the long Sunday run is bliss.

And how else would you be able to eat an entire Christmas pudding (in January) without an iota of guilt?

And then there is the gear. Each pair of running shoes is cooler than the last……..(What? A pair of pink Pumas? I HAVE TO HAVE THOSE SHOES.)

And of course the feeling of achievement as I gaze lovingly at Strava….I’m always so excited to download my run and pore over the data.

Above all, I love running because it makes me feel alive and strong. Long may it last.

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