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A Bone of Contention

17 July, 2020

anatomical diagram showing skeleton pelvis and sacrum

First came the fall on the bum, 10 days of pain, an x-ray revealing a coccyx that has gone rogue, then an MRI and now a cracked sacrum - I had to google that! The weird thing is that there is now no pain, even when I run. And, what’s more, I have the doc’s blessing to carry on running.

I need a bone density test to rule out osteoporosis but that can only happen when our covid pandemic abates, probably late August.

The MRI itself was quite an experience. If it weren’t for my insistent offspring, I would never have gone for it. I was under the impression that I would be stuffed into a dark tube like a cigar. What if there was load shedding and they forgot me in the tube?

It turns out that the tube has fabulous lighting and is open ended. If needs be, one could flip onto one’s stomach and leopard crawl out the back. For those less fond of drama there is a panic button.

Anyway, back to my dear sacrum. I think the crack was there all along and not from the fall. My lower back is iffy and if I cycle or drive for more than an hour I get a terrible spasm there, always on the same side.

I need to do some research into what strengthening exercises are good and what not. My instinct tells me heavy weights may be bad but bodyweight exercises fine. I can’t get away from the long drives but I think the long cycles may have to go on the back burner for a while.

Thank God for running - always with me, through thick and thin!

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